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Explore the outback with friends and family in the best camper trailers for sale in Australia

The OPUS is an ultra-lightweight, very strong and easy to tow camper trailer. Its low profile gives you all-round visibility to drive away carefree and confident - even in a small car.

At OPUS we are all about enabling you to create unforgettable memories travelling across this beautiful country we call home. We are about adventure, escaping the city, pushing the boundaries and taking time to get away from it all.

Whether you're heading back to your favourite spot on the coast, going off-road or looking to discover a new site in the sunburnt wilderness, a lightweight OPUS camper trailer will get you, your family and everything you've got stacked in the garage, there with ease and comfort.

Choose between the super-lightweight OPUS All-Road, which tows easily behind a small car, and the rugged OPUS Off-Road, which will follow the typical 4WD just about anywhere.

Discover your love of the outdoors and experience luxurious camping with an OPUS camper trailer

OPUS camper trailers provide the best platform for you to get away with your family and friends, whenever you want, with ease. When it's time to drop everything and just kick back, OPUS allows you to do that.

If you're after an adrenaline fuelled break, the amazing 400kg load carrying capacity that the reinforced lid of the OPUS provides, is the ideal platform for transporting boats, bikes or whatever else you want to carry.

An OPUS off-road camper trailer may be deceivingly lightweight and small, but is tough enough to conquer the challenging Australian conditions. It is also likely to win over even the most reluctant camper with its style, elegance and innovative design. With our budget-friendly camper trailer prices, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. From Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and beyond.

OPUS - Delivering the best lightweight camper trailers for fun-loving, trail-blazing, thrill-seekers... everywhere.

Start the adventure today with OPUS. 

OPUS Camper - 246A Governor Road Braeside, VIC 3195 Australia. Phone: (03) 9588 2959

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