OPUS Adventrue Addicts

Real People. Real Adventures

Where can your OPUS take you?

Looking for trip inspiration from other families and owners? Check out some of the adventures other owners have embarked on with their OPUS. From cross-country solo trips to weekend getaways with the entire family, you’ll find plenty of off-grid camping suggestions here.

What is an OPUS Adventure Addict?

An OPUS Adventure Addict is someone who uses their OPUS to hunt for adventure, to get outdoors, to live life to the fullest. We believe every OPUS owner is an Adventure Addict and we want to hear all about you adventures! We aim to build a global platform for you to share your adventures, look for inspiration, win contests/prizes, and connect with like-minded OPUS owners.

Send your adventures to enquiries@opuscamper.com.au to be featured on our socials & website!