OPUS® Camper Trailers & Hybrid Caravan

At OPUS®, we pride ourselves on creating products that are both tough and luxurious, so you can handle the toughest Aussie conditions in comfort. Our folding camper trailers and hybrid caravan are innovative, easy to use, stylish and high in quality.

Air OPUS® Air Beam Technology

The latest air beam technology, used by the US military, inflates the canopy and annexe at a touch of a button.

Superior Off-Road Capability

Packed full of off-road features to ensure our products can handle the toughest terrain.

Hassle Free, Spacious & Luxurious

Set up in under 5 minutes. Incredible storage capacity. A range of luxurious internal features including a king size bed.

Multi-Award Winning Design
Opus Camper

Superior in ALL conditions

See how the Air OPUS® camper performs under extreme conditions. We put it to the test…

Hassle Free Camping with OPUS®

Air OPUS® campers are designed to make camping hassle free and comfortable with luxurious internal features, quick set up/pack up and plenty of room for the whole family.

Set up in under 5 minutes!
Store Everything You Need

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Stylish, innovative, rugged, compact, easy to tow, spacious, superbly equipped, versatile, comfortable and fun off-road campers and hybrid caravans

Our Dealers Network

Our revolutionary range of Air OPUS® camper trailers and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA and Europe. Discover the range today, through one of our local dealers throughout Australia.