OPUS Camper Trailers

The camper that sets itself up – fast!

OPUS campers are revolutionising the camper trailer market. They provide the perfect mix of luxury and practicality, being able to handle the toughest conditions, whilst also catering for the more discerning glampers.

OP2 Camper Trailer

Key Features

The latest air beam technology, used by the US military, inflates the canopy and annexe at a touch of a button.
Packed full of off-road features to ensure our products can handle the toughest terrain.
Set up in under 5 minutes. Incredible storage capacity. A range of luxurious internal features including a king size bed.

OPUS Air Beam Technology

The OPUS camper trailer utilises the latest air beam tent technology, so that the main tent canopy and annexe inflates at a touch of a button, rather than being manually erected using metal poles.

The air beam technology is the same as is used by the US military. The triple layer technology ensures extra durability & reliability for your camping adventures. The air beams are much stronger than poles, whilst being much less hassle and weight too.

Best of all the air beam inflation is quick, allowing set up in under 5 minutes!

Still concerned about the air beam toughness? We put it to the test.

The OPUS camper’s air beams withstand the toughest weather conditions.
Extreme Wind
Extreme Rain

Superior Off-Road Capabilities

The OPUS campers have been designed with tough Aussie conditions in mind. If off-road adventure is your style then we have you covered with amazing features.
Check out the OPUS campers off-road features and capabilities:

Hassle Free, Spacious & Luxurious

To encourage people to explore the great outdoors more often, the OPUS campers are packed full with features to make for functional, hassle free and comfortable camping.
Experience the interior features for yourself:

Feature Videos

How it Works
Beat It With A Baseball Bat

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Our Dealer Network

Our revolutionary range of OPUS camper trailers and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA and Europe. Discover the range today, through one of our local dealers throughout Australia.