We have a great range of accessories to accommodate the OPUS® range. View our accessories below.

Opus Camper
Out of Stock
Sun Canopy Awning (OP4)
$399.00 inc. GST
Out of Stock
e-Go QuicKEY Caravan Movers
$1,699.00 inc. GST
Bravo BP12 Air Pump
$259.00 inc. GST
Ampfibian Mini
$99.00 inc. GST
Quattro (Q500)
$1,549.00$3,099.00 inc. GST
Quattro Auto-Engage (Q600)
$1,899.00$3,799.00 inc. GST
Roof Rack (OP4)
$999.00 inc. GST
DO35 Hitchmaster V3
$550.00 inc. GST
Nemesis Wheel Clamp
$260.00 inc. GST
Evakool G61 Fridge (OP4)
$1,049.00 inc. GST
Evakool ED85 Fridge (OP4)
$1,799.00 inc. GST
Ark 750 Jockey Wheel
$480.00 inc. GST
Folding Dish Rack
$299.00 inc. GST
15 Amp Power Lead
$49.00 inc. GST

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