Tyler Thompson’s Essential 4WD Tips

  • 3 mins read

When you’re hitting the Aussie tracks with your 4×4, you’ve gotta know your gear inside and out. And who better to get advice from than our own backyard hero, Tyler Thompson? After spending time in some of Australia’s most rugged destinations, he’s come back with some incredible stories. He’s shared his most important tips with us for anyone looking at heading out on a 4WD adventure of their own.


  1. Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure’s not just some random number. It’s how your rig meets the ground, especially on our sandy beaches and outback dunes. If the sand is your go-to, Tyler reckons dropping your pressures to under 20PSI. A bigger footprint means less chance of you getting bogged. And don’t forget to pump your tyres up once back onto harder surfaces.

  1. Gear Up with the Right Recovery Equipment

We’ve all seen when things go pear-shaped, and people get stuck in mud or sand. If you’re heading bush, shelling out for top-notch recovery gear is a must. Preparing for those possible mishaps or accidents will help to avoid a ruined trip. Part of that is to ensure your 4WD has certified recovery points installed. Tyler stresses the importance of NEVER using a tow ball as a recovery point. They’re not built for the dynamic loads of a recovery.


  1. Choose Your Line Wisely and Take It Easy

Off-roading is as much about using the right strategy as it is about giving it some grunt. When you come across a rough patch, it’s not always about charging forward. Sometimes, the key is to pick the right line and take it slow. This way, you’ll have better control over your rig and minimise the risk of damage.

  1. Know Your Limits (and Your Vehicle’s Too!)

Being sure of yourself is good, but getting overconfident can get you into tight spots. Get a handle on what your vehicle can do and recognise your own skill level. It’s always better to back out of a potentially dicey situation than to forge ahead and regret it.


  1. Pre-trip Vehicle Checks: Better Safe Than Sorry

Last but certainly not least, always give your vehicle a good once-over before heading out on a big 4×4 adventure. Consider getting it looked over by a qualified mechanic or 4WD specialist. It’s a small step that can prevent potential mishaps and make sure you have a smoother journey.

With Tyler Thompson’s advice now in your back pocket, you’re prepped for a safe and unforgettable off-road trip. Cruise through Australia’s diverse landscapes with your 4×4 – it’s a wild family adventure waiting to happen. Before you go, look at some of our OPUS camper trailers. They come kitted out with the latest air-beam technology, making your end-of-day pack-up a breeze. And don’t fret about the rough terrain; these beauties are built tough to handle Aussie conditions. Plus, they’ve got plenty of room for all your gear and mates. So, whether you’re planning to tackle the rugged outback or cruise along the breathtaking coastal trails, with our camper trailers and Tyler’s tips, you’re good to go!

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