Air OPUS® Camper Trailers In Perth

If you live in Perth, you are not far from an off road camper trailer dealer who can demonstrate the camper that SETS ITSELF UP – FAST!

Air OPUS® campers are revolutionising the camper trailer market. They provide the perfect mix of luxury and practicality, being able to handle the toughest conditions while also catering for the more discerning glampers.

There is SO MUCH to say about an Opus camper trailer but the best way to get to know about them is to SEE one. Just jump in the car – when restrictions allow – and visit a Perth camper trailers dealer and see it in action

You can better picture how the a particular setup would suit your family’s needs when you see it live. Our friendly staff can show you the quality construction, point out the off-road options and demonstrate the incredibly quick setup routine. 

Our exclusive Air Beam technology has to be seen to be believed – it is that good!

The air beam technology is the same as is used by the US military. The triple layer technology ensures extra durability & reliability. The air beams are much stronger than poles with much less hassle and weight.

No so sure? Come to a dealership and see for yourself. The US Army wouldn’t use this technology if it wasn’t good!

Best of all the Air Beam inflation is quick, allowing set up in under 5 minutes! If you have kids in the group, that’s a godsend. You will be set up and organized in no time!

So if you are interested in a camper trailer that has the lot, see our list of Perth camper trailer dealers below and visit one nearest you.

The latest air beam technology, used by the US military, inflates the canopy and annexe at a touch of a button.

Packed full of off-road features to ensure our products can handle the toughest terrain.

Set up in under 5 minutes. Incredible storage capacity. A range of luxurious internal features including a king size bed.

Exclusive OPUS® Air Beam Technology

Drive Over It or Stab WIth A Fork

Beat It With A Baseball Bat

Superior Off-Road Performance

The Air OPUS® campers have been designed with tough Aussie conditions in mind. If off-road adventure is your style then we have you covered with these amazing features:

Hassle Free & Luxurious

Air OPUS® Camper Range

The Air OPUS® camper range has something for everyone, check out the models below to find out more.

Perth Camper Trailer Dealers

Our revolutionary range of Air OPUS® camper trailers and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA and Europe. Discover the range today at your local dealer.

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